These Are Some of The People Who Tried To Fraud The Casino

There are a number of people who have tried to defraud casinos. Some of them were really very clever, but in the end they were caught. Here are some failed scammers:
Tony Ahn
Casino security personnel don’t seem to know how to get away with a scam themselves – Tony Ahn is a classic example. Ahn was a former casino employee himself and worked with a few other people in an attempt to cheat one of his former employers by ripping off his slot machines. Although he knew the games in great detail, he was caught and later put in prison.
Bruce Koloshi
Bruce Koloshi was a New Jersey player who tried to tinker the cards with invisible ink while visiting a casino in Louisiana. He was discovered on a camera record. Even though the authorities later said this was one of the most sophisticated fraud cases they had ever seen, he was caught and eventually brought to justice.
Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey is one of the richest poker players in the world. You’d think he didn’t need to cheat to fill his pockets, and yet he was involved in a scandal last year when he tried edge sorting to gain an edge. While playing, he noticed minor defects in some playing cards and was suspected of working with a Chinese dealer to ensure that certain cards were dealt to him. The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa sued him for $ 9.6 million after he was caught.
Archie Karas
Archie Karas is another world famous poker player who has been arrested for fraud. Karas became famous for turning $ 50 into $ 40 million in just three years. The 62-year-old poker champion was highly regarded until he was caught tinkering cards in a card room in California.
Karas was indicted by the San Diego Procuratorate, eventually found guilty and sentenced to three years suspended.
Tommy Glenn Carmichael
Tommy Glenn Carmichael was one of the few casino fraudsters to get away with his crimes for a while. For 40 years, he exploited defective slot machines to make illegal profits before he was picked up. The shortcomings were finally fixed, but he found several ways to manipulate slot machines with a new light stick that he sold to other people.
The ability to get away with this type of scam has dropped dramatically in recent years. Casinos monitor their machines closely, making it difficult for ‘Tommy Carmichaels’ worldwide to get away with such scams. One should also not forget that Carmichael has been arrested four times for fraud. Nowadays, facial recognition software can directly identify known fraudsters like him and ban them from their home.